Narrative assessment is viewed as being able to increase the involvement of teachers, teacher aides, parents and students in the assessment process, and provide a mechanism for greater empowerment and self-determination in the learning process

2020 Reporting

Please thoroughly read the PDF to the right to gain a full understanding of the reporting procedure for 2020.

If you have any questions about your child’s report, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Guardian Teacher.

As a school, we are excited to be reporting progress across the New Zealand Curriculum in a broader, more holistic way. We know that there are significant changes for what this looks like for parents,as a result of the discontinuation of National Standards,and we are keen to work with our community on refining this as the year goes on.

Currently, student progress is being shared in the following ways:

– Narrative assessment via Seesaw journals and inquiry walls

– Curriculum progressions

– Goal setting and evidence of learning in relation to these goals

– Social comments

– Student-led conferences

– Learning samples

– Assessment information in the form of Curriculum Progressions represented as dials

These progressions are linked directly to the New Zealand Curriculum and will give an indication of the level of the curriculum that each child is working at, and the specific skills that they have demonstrated so far this year, as well as their current goals or next learning steps being worked on.

While this data is stored on Linc-Ed (our student management system), a link to these progressions and goals will be sent to you via Seesaw, in Term 2 and Term 4.

These progressions are updated on an ongoing basis throughout the year and you can check your child’s progress at any time on Linc-Ed; Information on how to reset your Linc-Ed password can be accessed via this link.

Assessment Information

Assessment Information will be shared via Linc-ed using curriculum dials. These dials will show where your child is currently learning in relation to the NZ Curriculum.

The example below shows that this particular child is learning within level 2 of the curriculum. The green dial shows that this child has achieved all goals set at level 1 and roughly 60% of level 2. The beige coloured band indicates current goals, and the grey band indicates content not currently achieved.

By clicking on the goal, you can see specific goals that have been achieved, goals that have been set, and goals yet to be covered.